Contract Negotiations Agreement Reached

Good morning,
Late last night with the assistance of a mediator SWEA was able to come to a tentative agreement with the BOE on our next contract. Details of this plan will be forthcoming along with a date for the ratification vote. I want to thank the members of our committee, John Smith-Horn, Sara Lemieux, Jim Abbott, Matt Eppler, Tim Zeuschner, Amy Graney, Bill Myers, Julie Ratajczak and Jen VanGasbeck along with our CEA Uniserv Representative Marty Deren for their hard work and professionalism in representing us.

The members of the committee will not be able to reveal details of our tentative agreement until the information meeting takes place. I hope to have a date for the information meeting and the ratification vote for you shortly.

Have a good day,


John Hackett to Continue as SWEA President

At the May 11th Representative Council meeting, SWEA held nominations for officers.  John Hackett ran unopposed for President and gave the following as his Vision and Plan for SWEA going forward:

I would like to thank you for my nomination and second. I would like to speak for a minute on my platform and vision for SWEA.

In running for reelection my platform and vision is closely connected to the purposes of SWEA, an organization that was born 50 years ago as a result of Public Act 298 which for the first time gave teacher representatives the right to negotiate with Boards of Education.

As your current president and as a 29 year classroom teacher, I have and continue to work for the welfare and improvement of education in South Windsor for teachers and our students.  For example, I am especially proud of the initiative we began 10 years ago, of giving back to the community during the holiday season and of the over $20,000 that has brightened families lives during this time of year.

I have worked to maintain salaries, retirement and tenure benefits, along with professional leave, sick leave and other working conditions necessary to support teaching as a profession. Serving on the past 4 negotiation teams and bringing CEA retirement seminars to South Windsor for the last 5 years are examples of my strong advocacy for our members. Whether it is being there alongside a teacher during a difficult meeting at Ellsworth, traveling to Wallingford to meet with a member recovering from illness in the Masonic convalescent home, or working with CEA and state legislators to secure Joe Connelly’s retirement benefits for his wife, supporting teachers individually and as a group has been a hallmark of my service as President that I look forward to continuing.

I have maintained a productive and professional working relationship with our central office, BOE and the CEA that past SWEA President’s had established.  This has allowed me to represent our interests at the local, state and national levels such as the recently concluded CEA-RA.

I have brought fair compensation and added accountability to the Executive board members who do so much work for the organization.  Thank you.

Other officer positions were also filled as Anne Albert (Vice President) and Bill Myers (Treasurer) also ran unopposed.  The position of Secretary had no nominees and therefore is open as a position that can be filled at the General Body Meeting June 8th at SWHS beginning at 4:25pm according to the SWEA Constitution.

SWEA – Officer Elections

At the April Representative Council meeting the official call for candidates began the process by which SWEA elections will take place.  Offices up for election this year include; President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, all positions receive a stipend for duties performed and will serve a three year term.  Responsibilities of these positions can be found in Section 4 of the SWEA Constitution.  Although not up for election the remaining Executive Board members serve at the behest of the President and therefore will be named at the General Body meeting or a later date dependent upon commitments.  According to the Constitution anyone wishing to run for an elected office must be nominated at the May Representative Council meeting and have a platform/vision to be shared as a 2-3 minute oral presentation and then will be uploaded to the SWEA web page from notes taken by the Secretary and Communications chairs.  The election will be conducted on-line with emails sent to all SWEA members June the 7th and reported out at the General Body meeting the following day.  Uncontested Offices and vacated positions will follow the Bylaws outlined in the Constitution.