of the



Adopted June, 1982

Revision June, 2006

Revision June, 2015



Section 1.0      NAME – The name of this association shall be the South Windsor Education Association (SWEA).

1.1     The Association is affiliated with the Connecticut Education Association (CEA) and the National Education Association (NEA).


Section 2.0      PURPOSES – The purposes of the Association are:

2.1      To work for the welfare of school children, the advancement of public education, and the improvement of instructional opportunities for all.

2.2      To provide a means of discussion, evaluation and promotion of desirable procedures in the education field.

2.3      To unify and strengthen the teaching profession and to secure and maintain the salaries, retirement, tenure, professional and sick leave, and other working conditions necessary to support teaching as a profession.

2.4      To enable members to speak with a common voice on matters pertaining to the teaching profession and to present their individual and common interests before the Board of Education and other legal authorities.

2.5      To hold property and funds and to employ a staff for the attainment of these purposes.


Section 3.0      MEMBERSHIP – Membership categories are established as follows:

3.1      Active members in the Association shall have all the rights and responsibilities of membership, including the right to vote, to hold office, or to represent the Association.  Active membership in the Association shall be open to all professional personnel below the rank of associate/assistant principal or K-12 Curriculum Specialist, employed in the schools of South Windsor who hold appropriate state certification in education.  Active membership shall be continuous until the member leaves the school system, resigns from the Association, or fails to pay membership dues.  Active members of the Association shall be members of the Connecticut Education Association and the National Education Association.

3.2      Any person eligible in Section 3.1 above shall, as a condition of employment, join the Association or pay a service fee to the Association.  Said service fee shall not be greater than the amount uniformly required of members of the Association which represents the costs of collective bargaining, contract administration and grievance adjustment.  Persons who elect to pay an agency fee are not subject to the rights and privileges of active members.

3.3      According to procedures adopted by Representative Council, the Executive Board may suspend from membership or expel any member who shall have violated the ethics of the education profession and may reinstate a member who has previously been suspended or expelled from the Association.

3.4      Limited Membership

  • Any member of the Association who is laid off and whose name is on the recall list may, upon the expiration of their active membership, become a limited member of the South Windsor Education Association on payment of dues as determined by the Representative Council.
  • Limited members may not have the privilege of holding office, but may have such privileges as may be determined by the Executive Board of the


Section 4.0     OFFICERS – The officers, and duties of said officers, of the Association will be as follows:

President; The President meets monthly with the Superintendent of Schools and with other central office personnel as needed.  The President will communicate weekly with the CEA Uniserv representative on matters at the local, state and national levels pertinent to the Association.  Attendance at various meetings (Hartford County Presidents. Hartford County forums, CEA-All Presidents meetings, CEA-RA, NEA-RA, and SWBOE) are expected.  The President regularly communicates to members of the Association, on individual and group matters through technological means.  The President organizes and prepares the Association for Contract negotiations.

Vice-President; The Vice President meets with the Association President and Superintendent of Schools monthly.  The VP runs the Representative Council Meetings including the scheduling and required paperwork for said meetings. Additionally, the VP communicates with building representatives regarding the Association throughout the year and is encouraged to attend meetings with the SWEA President. (meetings stated previously)

Secretary; The Secretary records and publishes minutes from monthly Representative Council Meetings. Also, the Secretary will write and send any correspondence necessary to members. The custody of the Association Constitution and Bylaws is reserved to the Secretary.  Finally, the Secretary is encouraged to attend meetings with the SWEA President. (meetings stated previously)

Treasurer; The Treasurer will maintain the accounts of the Association for a fiscal year beginning July 1st and shall prepare a budget for the ensuing year and will present it to the Representative Council for review.  Also, the Treasurer will prepare tax documentation and work with an auditor on an annual review while working with the Business Department to compute dues.  Finally, the Treasurer is encouraged to attend CEA Treasurer workshops and meetings with the SWEA President. (meetings stated previously)

Immediate Past President; The Past President should attend all Executive Board meetings and Rep Council meetings. They will work on projects and activities as determined by the Association President.  This position will be active for one year.


Section 5.0     EXECUTIVE BOARD – The composition and duties of the Executive Board shall be as follows:

5.1     The Executive Board shall consist of the officers and standing committee chairs.  It shall be the executive authority.

5.2     The standing committee chairs are appointed by the President at the General Body meeting in June.

5.2 3  The standing committee chairs, including their responsibilities to the Association, consists of:

Professional Rights and Responsibilities (Grievance); Will meet monthly with the Assistant Superintendent of Personnel and Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Development.  Field questions from members regarding Contract issues and initiate conflict resolution or Grievance procedures.  Oversee building representation in handling possible disciplinary actions and consult with CEA Uniserve Rep pertaining to aforementioned.

Membership; Responsible for keeping an updated and accurate roster of SWEA membership, whether active or on leave.  Act as liaison between SWEA, CEA, NEA and the Human Resource Department.  Enroll new members to the Association upon hire from the SWBOE.

Political Action; The PAC chair collaborates with SWEA members on local political action issues, serves as liaison with local South Windsor political leaders and acts as point person for political initiatives with CEA.  Additionally, the PAC chair is responsible for engaging and writing letters to the Editor and/or communicate/advocate SWEA perspectives to the public, including with the Board of Education and concerning its elections.

Communications; The maintenance and upkeep of a forum for communication and information with the members of the Association through technological means.  This chair will also run elections for officers and voting to approve Constitution and bylaw changes.

Scholarship; Responsible for the management and collection of money towards the Henry Barnard Fund, Dollars for Scholars program, and other SWEA member scholarship programs.  In addition, major coordinator of the SWEA Golf Tournament.

5.3 4  Under personnel policies adopted by Representative Council and within the annual budget, the Executive Board shall have power to employ a staff for the efficient management of the Association.

5.4 5  Whenever a majority of the Executive Board shall agree that an officer has been negligent of the duties defined in the Constitution / bylaws or is incapacitated, they may recommend to Representative Council that the office be declared vacant, provided said officer has been provided with an opportunity to appear before Representative Council or is providing communications that demonstrate an ability to complete the required duties of office.  If the Representative Council so votes by a two thirds (2/3) majority, it shall immediately elect a replacement to fill the unexpired term.


Section  6.0    REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL – The policy forming body of the Association shall be the Representative Council.  Policy will be approved by a majority of those members present in the form of resolution and shall be recorded by the Secretary.

6.1     Annually, Representative Council will approve:

  • the chairman, nominated by the President, of each standing committee, and,
  • the chairman, nominated by the President, of each ad hoc committee (i.e.: negotiations, Constitution) and;
  • the establishment of reporting procedure for each committee, and;
  • a balanced budget, including the setting of dues, for recommendation of and approval by the Association members at the General Body Meeting, and;
  • the establishment of procedures and/or rules to govern Representative Council conduct, and for other appropriate matters.

6.2      The Representative Council shall be comprised of:

  • one representative for each ten (10) active members; or fraction thereof, from each public school in South Windsor who shall represent their respective faculties.

6.3      The Representative Council, under procedures it may adopt, will provide for the election of representatives at its initial meeting at the start of each school year.

6.4      The active membership of a faculty is empowered to recall its representative, and Representative Council may recommend to the active membership of a faculty that their representative be recalled.

6.5      Members of the Executive Board shall be members of the Representative Council with voting rights.


Section  7.0     AMENDMENTS – The procedures for proposing and adopting amendment are as follows:

7.1       An amendment to the Constitution may be proposed by a petition signed by ten percent of the regular members of the Association or by the Representative Council when such amendments have been proposed in two consecutive regular meetings.

7.2       Upon receipt of such petition or recommendation, the Representative Council shall conduct a referendum of all members, two thirds of those voting being necessary to amend or revise any part of the Constitution.

7.3       Adoption – The membership may adopt amendments by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of those voting using on-line balloting provided Representative Council has caused to be published, along with the call for the vote, an announcement of the proposed amendment.  The call for the vote will be done through technological means.

7.4       Amendments Review – The constitution study committee will, from time to time, review all bylaws.

7.5       Custody – The Bylaws will be maintained by the Secretary.


Section 8.0      BYLAWS – Bylaws define powers and responsibilities except that bylaws will not conflict with any section of the Constitution.  The procedures for adopting and codifying the bylaws and their custody follows:

8.1       Adoption by membership – The membership may adopt bylaws by a majority vote of those voting using on-line balloting provided that the President has caused to be published along with the call for the vote an announcement, through technological means, of the proposed bylaws.

8.2       Adoption by Representative Council – Representative Council may adopt bylaws by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of those present and voting.  All bylaws adopted by Representative Council under this section shall remain in full effect provided the Executive Board gives, in writing, its consent and informs the active membership.


Section  9.0       MEETINGS – Meetings will be provided for as follows:

9.1       Representative Council Meetings:  Representative Council will adopt an annual schedule of regular meetings, provided it meets monthly except during July and August.  Emergency meetings of Representative Council shall be summoned by the President or Vice President.

9.2       Membership Meetings:  There shall be an annual General Body Meeting, held during June.



Bylaws Pertinent to Section 3 – Membership

3.0 – 1            Any member may attend meetings of Representative Council and with the consent of the chair will be permitted to address Representative Council.  The remarks made by said member may be recorded in the minutes.

3.0 – 2            All voting members of SWEA committees must be active members.

3.1 – 3            For all employees of the South Windsor Board of Education who are eligible for active membership of SWEA – active membership shall be the only available membership category.


Bylaws Pertinent to Section 4 – Officers

4.0 – 1             SWEA leadership will make the Association members aware of the upcoming elections with a call for candidates at the April Representative Council meeting and a nomination of candidates at the May Representative Council meeting.  Emails from the President, posts to the SWEA web page and the minutes from the aforementioned SWEA Representative Council Meetings will assure the cognizance and transparency of upcoming elections.

4.0 – 2             Candidates for SWEA Association Officers’ positions must declare their intentions at the May Representative Council Meeting.  At this time they are required to share their platform, which will after be posted on the SWEA web page.  If there is no Association member nominated for an office that will be vacated at the General Body Meeting, nominations for that office can be made at the General Body Meeting, however, the nominee must provide a platform at that time.

4.0 – 3             Election of Officers will be conducted through on-line balloting, except for those provisions outlined in bylaw 4.0-2, in which case a voice vote will be conducted.  Installation of officers shall coincide with the General Body Meeting.

4.0 – 4             The term of office shall be three years or until a successor is installed.


Bylaws Pertinent to Section 6 – Representative Council

6.0 – 1             The Secretary will publish a copy of each Representative Council resolution.

6.0 – 2             There may be ad hoc committees as deemed necessary by Representative Council.


Bylaws Pertinent to Section 8 – Bylaws

8.0                   By code, each bylaw will be specifically related to a section of the Constitution as follows:

  • the first number, followed by a decimal, will indicated the Section of the Constitution, and;
  • each number, following said decimal, will indicate the Sub-section of said section, and;
  • each letter, (small case) following said number that follows the decimal, will indicate the Sub-section of said section, and;
  • each bylaw shall be sequentially numbered according to its adoption and will be prefixed with hyphen.
  • A schematic of (a) through (d) is as follows:


  1.                        .2                                 (b)                                -1

           Section               Subsection                 Sub-subsection

             CONSTITUTION                                         BYLAW