SWEA Raffle Winners

With the Annual Golf Tournament wrapping up last week, SWEA would like to once again send out a very special thank you to all the participants, volunteers and those who donated along the way.  We know without your continued support this event, and the special recipients it benefits, would not be happening.

Here are the winners from the Basket Raffle:

Basket #1 — Stephanie Wanzer           Basket #6 — Julie Wlodarczyk (SWHS)

Basket #2 — Joe Zawawi                        Basket #7 — Mike Reilly

Basket #3 — Stefan Klein (TEMS)        Basket #8 — Erin Simcik (SWHS)

Basket #4 — Tim Zeuschner (SWHS)  Basket #9 — Stephanie Wanzer

Basket #5 — Stefan Klein (TEMS)         Basket #10 — Renee Ulbinsky (TEMS)

Congratulations to all and we will see you again next year!