SWEA Honors 2018 Retirees


A special thanks and recognition of all their hard work was doled out at the May Representatives Council meeting earlier this month.  The 2018 SWEA Retirees were on hand to receive the good cheers along with some parting tokens of gratitude for all they have done.   Members were joined by Administration representatives from Ellsworth in wishing the retirees the best of luck on their new adventures.

All SWEA members acknowledge the dedication and commitment to the students of South Windsor Public Schools that these retirees have demonstrated over their many years of service.  They will be missed greatly.

Pictured (above) were Devra Larkins, Shari Jackson, Pam Desmarais, Nancy Simison, Rachel Devlin, Denise Zaleski, Donald Friedrich, Ana Acevado and Lynn Gaffey.

Not pictured were Donna Shea and Karen Newcomb.