Union Member in Focus – Bill Myers

Bill Myers is a music teacher at Pleasant Valley School.  To simply describe his occupation however, does no justice to the role he plays.  Warm, friendly, and dedicated, Bill makes music come alive for his students, whether through instrumental play, preparing for concerts or festive music instruction he is an amazing and much adored educator.   He has served as the treasurer for SWEA for 15 years and gives of himself in a variety of ways on the local, state and national level.  Below is a summary of Bill’s summer, an amazing array of activities that make him such a special member of our Union.

I wear many hats and love each of them. My participation in State and National Workshops on Pensions and Retirement is very rewarding. At NCTR I was an attendee, at Berkeley I presented on Retiree Health Care. New this summer was my committee work on adapting the new National Standards for the Arts in CT. This is my 3rd or 4th time serving on Negotiations. I chair the Audit Committee at TRB and am the Vice-chair of the Board. The 10 yr. Facilities Plan for Elementary Schools is alive and well, I’m the treasurer for that group. It wasn’t all work this summer. I got to spend 3 weeks in Cape Cod and went sailing with Karen. When I retire I hope to do a lot of that and it will probably be single handed ….

June 22,               SWEA Negotiation meeting, Windsor

June 24,               TRB Audit Committee and Board Meetings, Hartford

PAC II, School Referendum Committee, S. Windsor

June 25,               CT Arts Committee, Adoption and revision of the new National                                              Standards, Cheshire

July 13-17,           CT HOTS Conference, Hartford

July 20,                 Negotiations, Windsor

July 22,                 TRB, Hartford

July 24-,                CPR/AED, S. Windsor

July 26-29,           NCTR (National Council on Teachers Retirement) – Boston, MA

July 30,                 CT Arts Committee, Cheshire

August 19,           TRB Audit and Board Meetings, Hartford

August 20,           Negotiations, Windsor

CEA Treasurer’s Workshop, Hartford

August 23-25,    NCPRS & IPPS National Conference on Public Employee Pension                                      Solutions- Berkeley, CA

August 27,           SWEA Negotiations, S. Windsor