Henry Barnard Memorial Fund

SWEA will once again be collecting money for the Henry Barnard Fund (HBMF) this year.  We have supported this fund for many years.  The purpose of The Henry Barnard Memorial Fund (HBMF) is to help needy teachers who have served but are no longer active in the teaching profession.  This private fund is exclusively charitable.  Its main goal is to help teachers stay independent – with an adequate standard of living – and maintain pride in themselves and in their profession.  The Fund preserves the dignity of teachers as human beings by offering financial and other assistance in a private, professional manner.

Day in and day out all around Connecticut, people ask public school teachers for help. Parents, students and administrative personnel all view the classroom teacher as the person with the answers.  What happens when teachers find themselves with a disability or in an otherwise unfortunate circumstance?  The HBMF was established as a place to turn for help, and those entrusted with the care of the fund know how difficult it is for needy retired teachers to ask for help.

Money is obtained through the generosity of the many active and retired teachers in Connecticut.  SWEA will collect money through November 11, 2015.  Checks can be made out to SWEA with H. Barnard written on the memo line.  All checks can be given to your building rep or sent to Nancy Peck, Pleasant Valley School.  Please contact me with and questions you may have regarding this worthy cause.